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Playlist 1
Soundscape Made For New Zealand

Now we don’t want to be that guy that takes over the Bluetooth speaker at the barbeque, but we have taken the liberty of suggesting some sounds for the different hauls through New Zealand and we’re keen to share them.

Specially created playlists for different routes, just for fun, because we love the roads up and down and all around this country. We’ve imagined the drive, the landscape, the feeling, the roads and the places that make up the dots these roads connect, and we’ve put the lists together.

Some will be familiar. Some not so. We’re hoping it’ll be a bit different and a bit interesting, that maybe you’ll hear something new that you connect with, or something that you know and love and haven’t heard for a while. It won’t sound like the radio. Just saying. 

In a perfect world, you’d hear Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones, as a herd of Kaimanawa horses gallop beside the truck when you cross the Desert Road. But let’s see how we go:

Auckland to Wellington
Playlist 2
Christchurch to Greymouth